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We provide industry-leading solutions from the simplest machinery to high value vehicles, we provide the perfect solution so that you can work with the vendor of your choice.
HNB Finance Leasing
HNB Finance Leasing

Equip and enhance

Coffee machines to construction equipment to the car of your choice, our leasing options will just about equip you with anything.

Acquire the use of new or used equipment or vehicles, as an alternative to outright purchase, through HNB Finance Leasing personalised services, and enrich your business cash-flow and your lifestyle within 24 hours.

Our services allow you the flexibility of maintaining a competitive edge by acquiring today’s best technology and allowing an upgrade when the equipment has outlived its advantage.

The future, at your convenience, today

The HNB Finance Leasing facility is intended to

  • Enhance revenue for the customers
  • Enrich quality of life of customer through ownership of the equipment or vehicle at the end of the lease term
  • Encourage growth of businesses which do not have large amounts of cash at their disposal for capital equipment acquisition

Exceptional service

  • Highest level of customer service - 70 centres island wide
  • Swift application processing – simple paper work
  • Quick credit response - 24 hour service
  • Personalized leasing packages – your preference is our service


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