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At HNB Finance we are not simply funding business growth; we fund community empowerment. Our loan schemes are simple concepts; suites everybody, swift, non-prejudiced, and uncomplicated processes.
Easy Loan
Easy LoanA specific target group of SSE clients.

A specific target group of SSE clients who hold current accounts with local commercial banks comes under this loan scheme. True to its name, this product affords straightforward and quick access to loan facilities for those who urgently require a working capital.


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AbhilashaTargeting both male and female entrepreneurs.

Targeting both male and female entrepreneurs Abhilasha is designed to accommodate clients requiring greater flexibility and bigger credit facilities. This loan scheme was specifically designed to overcome the limitations imposed by our primary model – Diriya loan scheme.

Abhilasha aims to encourage all groups of the community to expand businesses using legitimate financial services such as ours. The loan scheme overrides the traditional group concept and collection centers affording more flexibility.


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Swashakthi is a concept designed to sustain the financial requirements of our own savings account holders. Through this loan scheme we encourage the perception of ‘saving’. Swashakthi also serves as an ideal stepping-stone for our Diriya customers whose growing businesses may require further funding for expansion of their businesses. Swashakthi caters to both male and female entrepreneurs.


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