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HNB Grameen introduces ATM cards
July 15 2016

HNB Grameen launched of proprietary ATM cards on Friday, July 15, 2016 is yet another initiatives in leveraging on the synergies created by being a part of the HNB Group.  This ATM card can be used at any of the ATMs of HNB and brings about a greater degree of convenience to its customer base of over 300,000.

Given the government’s drive for financial inclusion for all members of society, this move will greatly assist Sri Lankans in the lower income bracket to gain access to digital banking and financial services, which will provide convenience and greater reach, whilst for some other customers it will be familiarization of the latest banking technologies in use today.

Speaking at the launch of the card, Mr. B. M. D. C. Prabhath, the Managing Director/CEO of HNB Grameen said, “Today ATM cards are essential to carry out banking services. We introduced savings accounts in 2012 and now with the collaboration of HNB, we are able to introduce ATM cards to our customers. HNB’s commitment to advanced technology will continue to benefit our company”.

With the launch of this ATM card, HNB Grameen’s focus on introducing new technology to its customers, is also expected to bring about other significant benefits. For instance, all loans will now be deposited into the customer’s savings account instead of a cheque payment, eliminating the need for the customers to visit other banks. Further the customers will have the opportunity to interact with our staff and gain awareness of other products.

The company also has plans to connect with the LankaPay network which will enable HNB Grameen customers to withdraw funds from almost 3000 ATMS of other banks, a significant benefit to customers as it provides an even greater degree of convenience.

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