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To be the leading and most successful Micro Finance provider, with a human touch committed to helping poorest of the poor to overcome poverty and develop the economy of Sri Lanka.
To provide much needed Micro Financial assistance for self employed entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka to develop sustainable enterprises & create friendly inclusive society devoid of class, creed and racial barriers.

Funding Social Change – Investing in Human Spirit

HNB Grameen is an internationally acclaimed brand for its contribution to the microfinance industry. Founded in 2000, HNB Grameen’s main focus is women in rural areas and it promotes financial inclusion through a hybrid model of the Grameen microfinance concept.
Responsible borrowing. Sustainable development.
Our microfinancing services mainly cater towards agriculture and retail businesses and small enterprises affording inclusive and sustainable financial services to the rural communities. Free financial consultancy, flexible credit facilities, and skill support we provide are aimed at positive social change at community level through responsible borrowing and sustainable entrepreneurial development.
An integrated approach. A unique business model.
Our approach towards financial inclusion is designed to cater to the varied needs of the local rural communities.
  • A hybrid Grameen model focusing on loans and savings, tailored to local needs
  • Focusing on women to ensure long term sustainability, responsible borrowing, as well as returns to the community
  • Inclusive, transparent and sustainable microfinancing
  • Financial literacy training, entrepreneurial skill support
207,000 customers; 48 branches; 1356 employees
Over the years we have expanded and improved our services and outreach to ensure the different segments of the local communities are given the opportunity to better themselves.

As our customer base and outreach grew we gained a better understanding of the products and services necessary to ensure inclusivity and positive social change.

Today our 207,000 customers are served with five different types of loans - each designed to address specific segments of the community and their particular needs.
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